In another life, I use to be a ballet dancer. I love movement. I love theater. And all the things that go along with putting on a production. Back stage is a beautiful, chaotic, frantic world that evaporates when the curtain lifts and the show begins.  

Some of my favorite photography projects involve the documentation of a production from beginning to end.  Rehearsals in the studio, then tech and dress rehearsals. Actors and dancers getting fitted for the costumes. Building the sets. Lighting and sound production. So many things go into creating a show!  Having a photographic illustration of the entire process is such a gift to every member of the cast and crew. The audience gains so much appreciation when they get a glimpse of the effort that has gone into creating the final production.

And of course, capturing photos from the show is priceless for the cast and crew giving them a chance to step back and appreciate their artistry.

From school productions and dance recitals to comedy shows and music concerts, every production deserves to be documented.

Contact Me if you have a production that you want to document.

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