I aim to capture the special moments of your life, big and small, in a natural, real-life style. No fake smiles. No uncomfortable clothes that are removed right after the picture is taken. No awkward or rigid poses. Just you and your loved ones, as you are. Whether it is a wedding, family reunion, birthday party or just because you want to, a documentary session is a priceless gift to give your family for generations to come.

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Any occasion can be documented. Here are a few suggestions…

Asheville Visit

Are you visiting Asheville? Live here and have family visiting our fantastic town? Whether hiking or beer crawling, a documentary photoshoot will illustrate your experience in a candid, fun, and creative way.

Real Life

Life as it is truly lived. There’s a schedule, doctor’s appointments, school drop off, favorite toys, evening rituals. You set the table for dinner, watch Saturday morning soccer games, read bedtime stories, play cards. It all goes by at a dizzying pace. I invite you to give reverence to these moments that shape your life with a documentary photo session. No posing, no fake smiles, no putting on a special dress - just authentic, honest to goodness, every day life – full of laughter, tears, and everything in between.

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Birth Experience

There is no event more important than the birth of your child. How could you NOT document such a miraculous event? Imagine seeing a photo of you taking your first breath. The look on your mother’s face as she sees you for the first time. Your dad cutting the umbilical cord. A photo of the doctor or midwife that assisted in the process. Seeing the wonder of your own birth in photos is a profound gift that will be treasured forever.

Unobtrusive and sensitive to the occasion, I will attend your child’s birth at the hospital, birthing center, or home to quietly document this momentous event with respect and professionalism. I will return after you get some sleep to capture some less hectic moments with your family’s new addition.

Newborn Session

When a child is born, so many ‘firsts’ happen in such a short time - older siblings meet their baby brother/sister, grandparents hold their grandchild, feedings, diaper changes. Everything happens so fast and can quickly become a hazy memory. Having photos from the first 48 hours of your child’s life is pure magic.

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Child’s dance recital, school play or baseball game. Prom, graduation. Moving day. Family outing to a theme park. Business presentation or fundraising event. Anything can be documented!

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