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A moment can pass by unnoticed, but when captured in a photo it somehow becomes significant. It can capture the mood of a day, event, or period of one’s life. For me, that is the magic of photography!

I come from a big family - four sisters and a brother. There were lots of moments! Full of chaos, bad hair cuts, favorite clothes, an old Volkswagen bus, my Dad’s garden, the way my Mom lined up our school lunches every morning, the kitchen table, summer kickball games with the neighbors - the list is endless. When my parents passed away, the most healing thing we did was come together and look at old photographs. Those images sparked so many memories! And while the memories may have differed from person to person, we laughed and cried and bonded in a way that would not have been possible without those photos. My passion for photography lies in the every day, seemingly insignificant moments. Even during significant events such as a wedding, birthday or graduation, I seek to capture the beauty of little things, for it is those small moments that are the foundation on which the bigger moments stand.

If you would like to schedule a photo session to capture the beauty that is your life, please Contact Me and we can talk about what that looks like for you. Click HERE to get a few ideas about what we can do together.

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